Saturday, August 10, 2013


April Barbosa, Columnist & Poet,

Let me tell you a story about the lady who lived in the shoe
She had so many insecurities she did not know what to do
All around her the world said you are ok
But she did not believe a word they had to say
Little lady in the shoe
Why don’t you let anyone close to you?
Little lady in the shoe
Do your thoughts swirl and dance in your head
Little lady in the shoe
Do you hate your life? Do you wish you were dead?
Run, run, here comes the gingerbread man
Little Lady with the worn down steel toe boot with a cracked sole
This shoe has years, worth of dirt and grime
Pain sorrow and other markings of time
Run little lady run to the safety of your shoe
The world is too much for you
© 2013 April M. Barbosa

Twinkle twinkle little star
A new phase near yet so far
Changes flowing in from left and right
Out goes the darkness in comes the light
Never planning, taking a day at a time
For the first time in my life I feel like my life is mine
© 2013 April M. Barbosa

Super Silver Haze
Watching the smoke clouds flow by
Feeling all the pain and stress inside slowly die
That bud makes me feel whole again
Smoking weed is like my equivalent of being back in touch with an old best friend
I am far above where I was yet in the federal laws eyes just one step from where I used to be
The click of the lighter is pacifying to my ears
With a few deep breaths the pain will be gone and so will the tears
I am smoking God’s gift to me
It is of God the creator of heaven and earth not by some fool playing chemistry
The flame dances before my eyes
Dangerous narcotic they say… I say bullshit government lies
Flaky fragrant bright and new
Inhale… pause… Let it do what it’s there to do
Feel that moment before relaxation kicks in
The moment on the verge of liking it so much it become sin
© 2013 April M. Barbosa

Words are just words

Desire is always a whisper away
A thought floating in the wind may cause chills
Nature yearns to hear the words lovers like to say
Oh what young lovers will do for such thrills
She moans against his ear as he kisses her neck softly
His heart begins to race as he feels her body respond
He promises love in all his words
Words of all meanings highlighting his endless vocabulary
But to her words are just another art form, a deceivingly beautiful way to paint life, to him words are just words
Words are just words, so Show me
© 2013 April M. Barbosa