Monday, December 30, 2013


April Barbosa, Poet & Columnist,

Reading what my husband and kids feel makes me hate the MS more. I hate knowing they have to carry my weight when I can’t handle my responsibilities, but they have taught me that families are a team and just like a team we are only as strong as the weakest member. As for the weakest member in our family there is none because no one has a chance to fall.

Here in their own words is what my MS does to each them:

  “This is her husband Joe well I try to make her life easy as possible but it’s not easy. When she flares up I take control n try to do what she does. I make
sure she takes her meds get the kids ready for school get food, clean. On days it’s bad I stay home, I lost a job because I stayed home with her to help. It sucks to see her in pain I’m not going to be one of those husbands that leave because of MS I love her and if I could wish the MS away I would. I hate MS fuck you MS she’s my wife and you can’t have her.”
This is her oldest Marialisa I’m 15. It hurts me 2 see my mom go through this, I hate seeing her cry in pain n not be able 2 walk. I always try my hardest 2 help her I wish I could make it disappear. It hurts me 2 see her go through this; I pray every night, hoping and wishing my mom will be alright. I am willing 2 do whatever it takes 2 keep my mom here home safe and sound. My dad’s right there is a lot, I’m always going to keep trying to help my mom!"

Hi I’m Rosaura I’m 13 years old and I’m her middle child I see my mom cry almost every day when she is in really bad pain sometimes I see her stop in the hallway to catch herself from falling she gets dizzy real easy, sometimes I want to cry she goes through a lot in her MS. days some days she can sleep for hours on end. Sometimes she will be sleeping and people invite us to do something fun and interesting but we can’t do them without our mom because it’s not the same without our mom there. My mom tells me that other people have it worse they can’t walk, or see, my mom’s not there yet but if she gets to that point we will be ready to help her out like with getting her to the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom (well that’s my dad’s job).”

Hi I am joseph age 10 it makes me uncomfortable that my mom has MS I wish she could wake up without MS I wish there was a cure for it but there isn’t if by the time I get older I’ll study MS to find a cure for it.”


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