Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Puff Puff pass

I hate this body! This fucked up painful body
This tomb that imprisons me
The pain, too much pain
It overwhelms the senses and I crave a pain free moment I’ll never find
Meds meds meds fuck that give me the bong I wanna get high
Wanna lose this pain in a cloud of smoke I watch flow from my lungs into the clear blue sky
Pass me the joint let me hit that shit puff puff pass foo
If you wanna smoke with me better bring your own for you
Cause when it comes to my smoke
I’m a stingy bitch off my mota you won’t get to toke

© 2013 April Barbosa

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

January 25th 2005 is a very significant day in my life. Not my birthday, more like my rebirth day. This was the day I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The day I grew up...

April Barbosa, Poet & Columnist,
I am blunt, I like to say very random things and some people find me offensive so read my column at your own risk!  Oh to be told you have a debilitating illness with no cure, such a horrible a feeling it conjures up. I had never thought of death before then and I was only 24 years old.  Don’t get me wrong my life had been far from easy since the day I was born. I had just never thought of myself when it came to being unhealthy. My oldest daughter Marialisa was 7 years old, My middle daughter Rosaura was 4 years old and my son Joseph was about to turn two years old.  My husband and I had been married a total of 4 years and 7 months and we had just bought our first home.  In my eyes I had been living the life.

I worked at, (what I had thought of at the

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My demons have begun to scream at me

The darkness is once again calling
Promising to show me the answers to my fucked up reality
I am losing the battle for sobriety
My demons have begun to scream at me
I can’t hear the voices of my loved ones all I see is the pain in their eyes
I am so tired of the drama so fed up with the lies
I want to forget life for a day
I wish I could drink and smoke it away
I haven’t lost my grip I’m still holding onto my sobriety
Lord please give me strength God please guide me!!
to me

Before the medical marijuana my legs were too painful to even walk much not we go to the mountains every sunday and hike

I qualified for medical marijuana. I had smoked when I was younger and before I was diagnosed and it had helped my pain. I got the medical card and bought my first package of meds. It was amazing!

During the day I have some that I smoke for energy and pain it has helped me to feel so much better and I do alot more things.

We have started going on weekly hiking trips, this is a big thing because before the medical mj my legs were too painful to even walk much not we go to the mountains every sunday and hike. It is amazing!

Then at night I don't have to take as many meds because the Marijuana is for sleeping and pain and it is amazing.

When I was on all the pills every morning I'd wake up feeling like I had medicine head now I wake up and just feel good.

I never thought I'd be advocate for medical marijuana but it has truly changed my life so now I plan on spreading the word to everyone who may benefit from it.